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Mazda Design

Mazda Design

the revolutionary cap

The Mazda Design heat pump revolutionizes the world of swimming pool heat pumps thanks to a new, innovative and patented technology.

Ideal for all types of ponds and all types of gardens.

  • Gold is one of the most conductive metals , it is by taking inspiration from the properties of this metal that the Gold evaporator of the pumps was designed Mazda Pool heat exchanger offering unparalleled heat exchange capacity for greater efficiency.
  • Its design and patented technology allow it, unlike many models on the market, to overcome many installation constraints.
  • Its side wind tunnel is a major advantage. By blowing air on both sides, it thus avoids the drawbacks encountered by a traditional front or rear blower heat pump, reducing the free space that needs to be left.

    It also overcomes the constraints encountered by vertical heat pumps.
Mazda Design the revolutionnary cap
  • Its exclusive electronic card offers advanced functions allowing you to push back the limits of the management of a classic Full Inverter heat pump.

    You will thus have perfect control of your heat pump thanks to the "Energy Management" menu with which you will control your equipment as close as possible to your real needs while keeping perfect control of your energy consumption.
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pool volumes max. up to 120 m3

MAZDAPOOL temperature

works down to -10 ° C

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